How we help our clients

Business Solution Providers serves three types of clients:


QuickBooks Inventory

We work with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise clients who are using the inventory function.  They need help setting up items and assemblies, and understanding the basic workflow of inventory in QuickBooks


QuickBooks Advanced Inventory 

We work with QuickBooks Enterprise clients who are using the Enterprise-only, Advanced Inventory subscription.  These users need more assistance with workflow building and training.  They need help with purchase orders, sales orders, assemblies, shipping, barcode scanning, serial and lot number tracking, bin tracking and other functions related to inventory


QuickBooks users needing third-party inventory or manufacturing software

These clients need some functionality that goes beyond QB Advanced Inventory to serve their inventory or manufacturing needs, but want to keep QuickBooks as their accounting program.  We work with 14 inventory and manufacturing software vendors that provide that added functionality, and all integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks


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