Fishbowl Inventory Management

What is Fishbowl?
Fishbowl is an ideal inventory solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, e-commerce companies, and many other types of businesses and organizations. Its manufacturing software and warehouse management software are scalable, so you can keep using them for many years instead of having to learn a new system every few years when you outgrow an old one.

Fishbowl’s main products, Fishbowl Manufacturing® and Fishbowl Warehouse®, have helped thousands of businesses optimize their manufacturing processes, warehouse layout, order fulfillment, overall inventory processes and practices, and many other important areas. Many organizations seeking an asset tracking solution have also found Fishbowl to be an ideal solution, allowing them to monitor asset levels, consumption of goods and transfers, creating critical compliance or basic efficiencies, which results in the reduction of substantial operating expenses.

Here are some of the key features Fishbowl offers:
• Seamless integration with QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Magento, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and many others.
• Remote access to Fishbowl on any device and Web browser
• Online time and labor solution to track employee hours, project costs, and payrolls
• Inventory tracking across multiple warehouses
• Creating, printing, and scanning barcodes
• Quick picking, packing, and shipping
• Automatic reorder points for every part in inventory
• Inventory forecasting and reporting capabilities
• Multi-level work orders
• Easily duplicated bill of materials
• Production stages in the manufacturing process

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