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At Business Solution Providers, we sort out the workflow process issues stopping you from having an organized and truly usable inventory program. We understand the hazards and bottle-necks involved in inventory control, and can show you how to set up and run inventory properly. We're experienced inventory pros, working with QuickBooks inventory, QB Advanced Inventory and many third-party inventory and manufacturing software programs that integrate with QuickBooks. We feel your pain, and know how to take your inventory to the next level. Call us! 415-800-3578

Bi-weekly Webinar Series on Inventory.  Sign up here:


 10 Tips to Keep your Workers from Messing Up Your Inventory

May 2nd, 11:00 - 11:45a Pacific time.



In this webinar, I'll cover 10 tips to keep those pesky workers from interfering with the inventory operations and causing your counts to go out of whack.  I’ll also talk how to use reporting as a ‘check and balance’ and keep your inventory from going awry. 


Register here for May 2nd


The sessions include a 30-minute presentation of the topic, followed by 15 minutes of open discussion by the participants on any QuickBooks inventory question.  Bring your inventory questions, and find answers!

We're proud to announce our newest manufacturing software alliance:


MRPEasy manufacturing software brings QuickBooks manufacturing clients to the cloud.  Complete with inventory control, sales and order management, procurement, reporting and security, MRPEasy delivers excellent functionality in an online manufacturing program.  For manufacturers, you also get production planning and reporting, supply chain management, and warehouse management.  For the sales side of the house, MRPEasy integrates with QuickBooks Online, Shopify and Magento.


Contact us today for a needs assessment and help in setting up an MRPEasy account for you today -- 415.800.3578.


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