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At Business Solution Providers, we sort out the workflow process issues stopping you from having an organized and truly usable inventory program. We understand the hazards and bottle-necks involved in inventory control, and can show you how to set up and run inventory properly. We're experienced inventory pros, working with QuickBooks inventory, QB Advanced Inventory and many third-party inventory and manufacturing software programs that integrate with QuickBooks. We feel your pain, and know how to take your inventory to the next level. Call us!

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  • ERP
  • Finance Processes
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  • Inventory Control Processes

9 Things you should NOT do with QuickBooks

It has amazed me over the years how ‘creative’ clients can get using QuickBooks inventory. Be it for urgency, ignorance or out of frustration, clients will usually take shortcuts or unknowingly perform a process that ultimately undermines what they are trying to accomplish. To educate the readers here, and ultimately, the end-users, I’m including here nine things you should NEVER do with QuickBooks inventory.

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The Inventory Cycle in QuickBooks

The navigation pane on the QuickBooks home page directs the user to follow the workflow process of simple purchasing and sales transactions. It has helped many ‘beginners’ to understand what follows after the purchase order, or estimate, etcetera. However, inventory users get lost because there isn’t a workflow guide to follow. For example, where do the Pick Tickets come in? How about Work Orders? Shipping?

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  • Management Consulting
  • QuickBooks
  • Sales Tax Process
  • Software Conversion Process
  • Training on Software



Tools for Transferring QuickBooks Inventory Data

The concept of moving data seems so simple – I want to move my data from one software program to another. But the reality is a lot more complicated. When transferring QuickBooks inventory data (either into or out of QuickBooks), you are usually restricted by the ‘fields’ associated with the item list, either in QuickBooks or the program you are trying to exchange data with.

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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Barcodes in QuickBooks

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